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ATM S.A. is a member of the Stock-Exchange Issuer Association
Stock-Exchange Issuer Association (Stowarzyszenie Emitentów Giełdowych) is a self-governing, voluntary organization of companies quoted at the Stock Exchange. The purpose of the Association is to enable the member companies to cooperate in order to develop citizens’ awareness and responsibility, to evolve the Polish economic and social life towards the market economy, to improve the organizational capabilities of the members, and to improve mutual understanding and cooperation between people. The Association invokes the traditions of business activity, resourcefulness, economy, and rationalism in action. The Association undertakes activities to develop the capital market through education, promotion, and lobbying. It also works towards integration of the stock issuer community by organizing training courses and seminars and by representing common interests of the members. The Association works mainly through communicating to the market regulators the expectations of the member companies in the area of operation of the stock market, as well as through bringing forward suggestions of amendments to the law, aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the stock exchange as a source of capital for businesses.


ATM S.A. is a member of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Communications
Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Communications (Polska Izba Informatyki i Telekomunikacji) was established in January 1993. The Chamber acts under the Parliamentary Act of May 30, 1989, on chambers of commerce, which stipulates that the Chamber “is entitled to express opinions and assessments on implementation and functioning of legal regulations related to conducting business activities” and that “competent government agencies shall provide chambers of commerce with information necessary to perform their statutory duties”. Under this legal basis, the Chamber is entitled to lobby about business issues important for the information-technology and communications sector. The Chamber members include businesses operating in the ICT (information and communication technology) sector. At present, the number of Chamber members exceeds 180.


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