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As a public company, ATM S.A. attaches great significance to the quality and manner of providing information to all groups of the Company’s external messages recipients. Social activities are the area we pay special attention to. Here ATM S.A. focuses on charity and sponsorship ventures.

We respond to the problem of children malnutrition in Poland
We do realize the scale of the malnutrition problem among Polish children, therefore since 2003 ATM S.A. has supported the foundation “Food – the gift of the heart” (Fundacja “Pożywienie — Darem Serca”) and its noble aims. Together we help all those children who for some reasons cannot benefit from any aid programs or state subsidies for free meals. We also know how the malnutrition affects the psychological and physical development of a child, its learning abilities and how it results in social isolation. As we would like to see healthy generations in the future, it is the time now to counteract the poverty phenomenon still present in 21st century Poland.

We support children living in children’s homes
In our opinion, the children who are taken care of properly can splendidly develop their skills. Participation of ATM S.A. in an annual action of WSE and UNICEF “Believe in the Santa Claus” (“Uwierz w Św. Mikołaja”) expresses our involvement in helping the children of Polish children’s homes. As Christmas is traditionally a family time, it is very difficult for those children to get through it. We believe that given the Santa Claus gifts they will find at least some of the Christmas joy.

We appreciate wise competition and propagate chess
Unlike other companies in the ICT industry, ATM S.A. has not undertaken until now any activities to sponsor typical sports disciplines. However, we have responded positively to a request for supporting development of chess. Since 2006 we have became a technology partner of the Foundation for Promotion of Chess in Warsaw (Fundacja na Rzecz Wspierania Szachów w Warszawie). This discipline draws a lot of interest and is popular among representatives of various communities and market segments, including teenagers and even children. With our help, the foundation may propagate its activities through the Internet, where everybody can view on-line the most important chess games in Poland.

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