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Under the Atman brand ATM provides telecommunications services for enterprises and other institutions, based on its own fiber networks and data centers. Major consumers of the services are carriers, traditional media, Internet portals and enterprises from finance, manufacturing and retail market sectors.

Colocation and Hosting
We provide colocation services (renting space for hardware and ensuring uninterruptible power supply and network connection) and hosting services (renting dedicated servers with Internet access) based on our own data center. Atman data centers guarantee high availability, reliability and security owing to redundant systems of power supply, air conditioning and fire-extinguishing as well as access control and monitoring. Both Atman data centers located in Warsaw are carrier neutral.

We have developed an end-to-end environment consisting of dedicated rooms, technical systems and procedures, offered under the name of Data Security Center (DSC). Data Security Center services include renting backup front-office and back-office environments. Under such contract, the customer (e.g. a financial institution) can resume its business in our Data Security Center within a guaranteed, short time. This way, the customer is able to continue its key operations in case they are interrupted at the main site due to a sudden, unforeseen event, such as a major failure, vandalism, or an act of terror.

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Atman Data Center WAW-2

Atman Data Center Warsaw-2 is located in the very business center of Warsaw. It offers more than 3,700 sq m (ca. 39,800 sq ft) of state-of-the-art colocation space. The building was designed for the purposes of colocation and telecommunications services in a way that assures future development in the coming years.
Also, it comprises the main node of Thinx IX - the Internet exchange point owned and operated by Atman.

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Internet Access
We are an Internet provider for telecommunications operators, Internet and Application Service Providers (ISPs/ASPs) and business customers. We have interconnection points with the majority of domestic and several international Internet networks. We are also linked with interconnect nodes in Warsaw, Frankfurt and Kiev, and we operate our own Internet exchange point (Thinx IX). 

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Digital Line Lease
We provide teletransmission services throughout the country. In Warsaw, the Silesia region, Gdańsk, Lublin, Łódź, Kraków, Poznań and Wrocław, broadband data transmission services are provided with no bandwidth limits, using our own optical metropolitan networks. We operate countrywide optical data transmission network with high bandwidth lines (n×10 Gbps). Our cooperation with major long-distance and international operators allows us to offer data transmission services throughout European Union as well as Eastern Europe.

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Telecommunications Service Outsourcing
We design and set up complete telecommunications and IT networks based on our own lines and lines leased from other providers. We can cover such networks, or even the customer’s entire ICT infrastructure including any equipment deployed, with end-to-end operations and maintenance support under SLAs (Service Level Agreements). One manner of providing the telecommunications outsourcing services includes 24-hour monitoring of the customer’s ICT infrastructure from our Network Operations Center.

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