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ATM quotes from the stock exchange debut

Share price chart till 18.12.2017 (enlarge)

Key Issuer details

Full name ATM S.A.
Short name ATM
Stock market main
Sector according to WSE IT
Indices that include Issuer shares WIG-Poland, InvestorMS, WIG-INFORMATYKA, sWIG80, WIG
Address Grochowska 21a, 04-186 Warszawa
Tel (+48) 22 5156100
Fax (+48) 22 5156600
Web site www.atm.com.pl
E-mail inwestor@atm.com.pl
President of the Management Board Sławomir Koszołko
NIP (tax identification number) PL 1130059989
Regon (statistical number) 012677986
ISIN code PLATMSA00013
LEI code 259400FHXBM2CTPXPQ87


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