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ATM S.A. is continuing its investments under the ATM Innovation Center project. On 3 December 2013 the Company signed a contract for the construction and fitting out of a new office building.

The seven-storey building, with total floor space of more than 4,300 sq m, as well as underground and above-ground garages, has been built on Poland's largest telecommunications campus located in the Grochów area of Warsaw, close to the city's key transport routes, with convenient access to both of Warsaw's airports. The building's attractive architectural design and good light access mean that the interior space can be arranged as either separate rooms or open office space.

Thanks to its location next to the data center and its connection to the ATMAN fiber-optic network, the building enjoy the highest level of energy security and reliable broadband connectivity to many telecommunications operators. Like in the data centers themselves, controlled access zones are designated in the office building as well.

The proximity of ATMAN Data Center and the exceptional technical and telecommunications infrastructure mean that the new building is an especially attractive location for organizations whose business is based on modern information technology, such as IT service centers, cloud computing providers, IT departments and development centers of large firms, and high-tech start-ups. The office space and technical resources are also used to create disaster recovery centers to implement the business continuity procedures (BCPs) of large organizations.

The office building is part of the ATM Innovation Center project, supported by public funding under Measure 4.5 of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007–2013. The building was put into service on 2 March, 2015.

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