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The ATM IC project is one of the pillars of the Company’s organic growth in its core business area, i.e. telecommunications services and data centers, which is characterized by a fast growth rate and low sensibility to the economic recession. The Project assumes establishing a stable revenue source based on services provided from modern server rooms, including colocation (renting space for servers) and hosting (renting the servers). All those services are based on technical infrastructure which guarantees high security level and absolute reliability. Furthermore, such services (if provided in a professional manner with good quality) are characterized by a high likeness of contract renewal. We expect that in result of a successful completion of the Project, the Company will increase its revenues from such services by a factor of five and its profit from that source by more than PLN 50 million per annum (compared to the present level). Operating a modern data center involves much more than renting out space or computing power. Due to the diversified needs of the customers, we envisage offering multiple variants of ICT services with various user profiles and various prices. The services will be developed and provided in the Innovation Center, in cooperation with our partners, and will be based on the state-of-the-art IT and communications technologies.

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