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Welcome to the Investor Service

You will find here:

  • Formal documents of the Company
  • Documents required by the laws on public offers and financial instrument trading
  • Information concerning our mission, vision of creating value for shareholders, development strategy, and specific plans

You are also welcome to visit the Press Office page where we publish information concerning most important events in the Company's existence.

Why it is worth investing in the ATM S.A. shares

  • Investment security
    ATM has operated on the ICT market for 25 years. The company business activities have steadily generated profits and the increase of capitals and assets. At present (September 30, 2014) the equity is PLN 240 million and the assets value is PLN 387 million. We have been developing these areas of business that represent the highest growth potential, generate stable revenues and profits and are resistant to tides of the market.
  • Profitability and stability
    We have collected creative and executive potential that helps to realize the ongoing undertakings and easily plan the future. We are able to generate profit even in difficult market environment. Our valuable assets (e.g. fibre optic networks, data centers, complete technological platforms) enable us to provide profitable services that meet growing customers interest even in times of recession.
  • Technological advancement  
    We are proud of being regarded as the company of high competence level and technical knowledge. Our engineers are awarded for their authoring solutions, and our products and services are becoming more and more attractive to the customers. We can accurately foresee and flexibly adjust to market trends. We are the first company in Poland to have offered Internet access and one of the first who decided to build fibre optic MANs of a large scale. In the past, owing to these innovative products we were ahead of the market, and at present, when they are the basis of telecommunications services our products have become the source of our most stable revenues. We still manage to reach technological advancement, and our multiple pioneering implementations are the proof of that, as well as the fact that our previous investments in innovative products (like business applications or technological platforms) let us maintain the demand for our services despite progressive investment limitations due to economic recession.

Technological advancement and enterprise management based on the knowledge are our key competences. They are also the elements of our competitive advantage that make us grow faster than market environment which translates into building the Company’s value.

ATM quotes from the stock exchange debut

Share price chart till 18.12.2017 (enlarge)

Please send your inquires and comments concerning investor relations to our e-mail address: inwestor@atm.com.pl.

Files to download:
pdfSemi-annual report for the first half of 2018PDF (1207.19 KB)
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