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The new dividend policy

ATM S.A. Executive Board has announced a new policy for the dividends paid by the Company. The policy assumes that the investors who entrust the Company with their financial resources by purchasing the stock should receive a yearly dividend not lower than the bank deposit interest rate.

The Executive Board assumes that ATM S.A. will pay yearly dividends not lower that the EURIBOR rate for yearly deposits (as of the last day of the financial year), increased additionally by 0.5%, times the Company stock value as of the last month of the year.

Therefore, an investment into the ATM S.A. stock will not only give a chance for high profits due to the increase of the stock price, but will also guarantee stabile current income to the investors, without requiring them to sell a part of their stock portfolio.

The Executive Board decided that the new dividend policy will be implemented irrespectively of any needs of the Company for capital necessary for further quick growth, financing long-term investments, and acquisition of other entities. The dividend constitutes an entitlement of the Shareholders who trust the Company and have entrusted their money to it. On the other hand, the stock purchase offers aimed to increase the company capital will be addressed to new investors or investors who want to increase their capital engagement into the Company in order to receive in the future profits from such investment. The ATM S.A. Executive Board has declared to run the Company in a manner that will enable implementation of the new dividend policy with the profits achieved as of the end of each financial year. The Executive Board will give the appropriate profit division recommendations to the General Assembly of Shareholders.

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