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A consortium of ATM S.A. and Crowley Data Poland to build a next-generation Internet network

Warsaw, July 12, 2006. ATM S.A. (ATM) and Crowley Data Poland (CDP) have established a consortium whose objective is to build and operate a next-generation Internet network which will ensure high capacity necessary to efficiently launch modern multimedia services.

“ATM and Crowley have already a good record of cooperation in implementation of joint ICT (information & communication technology) projects. Among other things, they have built a wide-area network for the Ministry of Justice and provided access to the global Internet resources for the Polish public TV. For several years, ATM has been implementing projects related to multimedia technologies, for example by taking part in the interactive television (iTV) project and by building its own multimedia-service platforms. We are looking for partners who want to use their networks to provide services for broadcasters and subscribers. Thanks to the synergy of the ATM and CDP potentials, in particular in terms of customer base and volume of IP network traffic, the consortium will be able to take a leading position on the interconnect market in Poland,” said Roman Szwed, President, ATM S.A.

“The evolving convergence of telecommunications and media opens an area for cooperation of Crowley and ATM in launching innovative solutions. The next-generation Internet network will enable operators to provide more efficient support for multimedia, paid contents, and VoIP telephony. As infrastructure providers, we respond with this service to the ambitious plans of media companies and operators who plan to popularize interactive television, video on demand, and VoIP telephony,” said Jarosław Roszkowski, President, Crowley Data Poland.

Within the cooperation, the companies will offer a new service, AC-X, which enable the customers to significantly reduce the costs of traffic exchange with other operators and content providers. The consortium will offer a new method of charging as an alternative for paid traffic transit. The service is designed mostly to Internet service providers, portal operators, and companies which plan to provide multimedia services, such as Internet television, video on demand, and VoIP telephony. The services provided from the interconnected distributed node will be available initially to customers in Białystok, Gdańsk, Katowice, Krakow, Lublin, Łódź, Poznań, Rzeszów, Szczecin, Warsaw, and Wrocław. Later, the service will be also available in other cities.

The ATM/CDP consortium will take advantage of the complementary telecommunication resources of both companies. The joint services will be provided using the ATM’s fiber-optic access network, the CDP’s radio-access system, and long-distance lines of both carriers. The initial minimal bitrate will be 2.5 Gbps.

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