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XStreme car races in the Net thanks to ATM S.A.

The X-Stream service offered by ATM S.A. wins more and more customers. On July 22-23 this year, Internet users, particularly those who are fascinated with car races, were able to see a broadcast of the Remote-Control Model Championships, organized in the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science by the Prowokator event agency for the Discovery Channel.

To perform the broadcast, ATM S.A. used the X-Stream technology, a video-streaming solution dedicated to facilitate all types of real-time Web broadcasts. The X-Stream service includes three layers: video, transmission, and distribution. For the purposes of the Discovery Channel, ATM delivered a streaming server with a 750-Mbps line (a GE port), which enabled access to the broadcast for 3,000 users, as well as provided support for the encoding station at the event site.

Digital broadcasts of important events are one of more interesting and innovative products in the ATM offer. Using the X-Stream service, ATM S.A. has already performed live broadcasts of General Assemblies of Shareholders of one of major companies quoted at the stock exchange. Under an agreement with the Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, ATM S.A. regularly performs Web broadcasts from sessions of the City Council.

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