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A Warsaw cleansing company to take advantage of communication services provided by the Crowley/ATM consortium

On August 16, 2006, the Warsaw-based city cleansing company Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Oczyszczania (MPO) signed an agreement with the consortium of Crowley Data Poland Sp. z o.o. and ATM S.A., under which the consortium will implement a corporate wide-area network and will be providing data-transmission and centralized Internet-access services.

The agreement term is 24 months. The agreement has been concluded in result of a public tender called by MPO. The price of the proposal offered by the consortium, PLN 184,000 net, was more than two times lower than that of the next competitive proposal.

Miłosz Segovia, Director, ATM Telecommunication Services Department, said: “According to the consortium agreement, ATM S.A. will be providing the services in three sites, will provide transmission capacity of 1 Mbps, and will configure the routers. It is worth noticing that the cooperation between ATM and Crowley has proved to be successful, because the companies jointly undertake various projects, large and smaller, demonstrating the effectiveness and purposefulness of their cooperation. We hope for positive results also in larger tenders and for successes of the currently implemented projects, such as AC-X.”

“Winning the MPO tender was possible thanks to combining the network potentials of Crowley and ATM, which directly translates into the price offered to the customers. The twofold difference between the price offered by our consortium and that quoted by the next competitor, on a relatively stabile market, means very big savings for MPO,” said Jolanta Emerli, Sales Director, Crowley Data Poland.

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