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Cinem@n Ltd. to become a digital media content distributor and video-on-demand (VoD) services provider

On August 21st, 2006, ATM S.A., a public ICT company providing advanced telecom services, and Monolith Films Ltd., one of the market leading film distributors, signed an agreement concerning the foundation of Cinem@n Ltd.

Cinem@n will introduce high-quality movies, news and entertainment digital content distribution services in Poland.

The new company’s scope of business will also include acquiring diverse and highly attractive content, both Polish and foreign.

The Cinem@n Ltd. responsibility matrix assumes ATM S.A. will utilize its experience in building platforms for multimedia services and providing high-quality ICT services, especially data transmission. Thus, ATM S.A. will provide with digital content management services to Cinem@n Ltd. as well as high-quality digital film distribution services across ICT networks.

Monolith Films Ltd. has skills and experience in acquring, distributing and selling motion picture licenses and granting licenses to use films in Video on Demand (VoD) service for films existing in the moviebase.

The distribution platform developed by ATM S.A. will be provided with License and Digital Rights Management (DRM) subsystems to allow only legal access to the distributed content. The movie portfolio will be tailored to individual Client requirements, a telecom in this case. In the initial phase, Cinem@n Ltd. customers will be offered approx. 300 movies and the company will expand the portfolio on a regular basis.

VoD services offered by Cinem@n will be available in Q4 2006. The film content distribution will be provided via closed-circuit ICT networks and, in the future, also via mobile networks.


ATM S.A. is a public ICT company offering advanced technology products that meet the needs of even the most requiring Clients from TMT, financial, industry, public and retail sectors. The company’s competitive advantage is the unique combination of system integration experience and capabilities of a telecom operator , which provides services across the country under the ATMAN brand. ATM S.A.’s potential comprises first-class experts and high quality of the engineering knowledge. ATM S.A. is a reliable and stable business partner and actively invests in innovative technologies.

Monolith Films Ltd. is the largest independent distributor in the Polish cinema market. The seven-year-long cooperation with reputable Hollywood studios, such as Miramax, Dreamworks, Paramount and Touchstone Pictures resulted in introducing sych hits as “The Passion of the Christ" (3.5 million spectators), "The True Story of Red Riding Hood”, “What women want”, “Kill Bill”, “Hannibal” and “Alexander”. The perfect attendance figures result from marketing activities carried out with the help of all significant media partners in Poland and great cooperation with multi- and one-screen cinemas. Monolith Films brand also differentiates with the trust and support of such creators as Roman Polański or Mel Gibson, which proves the company’s successes in promotion and distribution of original worldwide cinema works.
For more information on the company, visit www.monolith.pl.

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