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ATM S.A. implements a comprehensive integration project for PTC Sp. z o.o.

In August 2006 ATM S.A. signed a general agreement for the provision of Cisco Systems equipment and the deployment of the MPLS technology to PTC Sp. z o.o., an Era network operator.

Being familiar with ATM S.A.’s outstanding capabilities of combining integration and telecom competencies, PTC Sp. z o.o. entrusted the company with a comprehensive integration project. The project will consist in ATM S.A. developing technical assumptions, delivering and deploying hardware, supporting service migration to the new network and providing post-deployment consultancy and trainings. A portion of traffic currently handled by other solutions will be migrated to the new MPLS core network that will be based on Cisco GSR 12000 routers. End users will benefit from more comfortable usage of the mobile telephony services. Moreover, the new network will enable PTC Sp. z o.o. to faster deploy next generation services.

The MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technology is a newcomer to IP networks. Employment of a special mechanism for tagging transferred MPLS data packets enables the so called "traffic engineering", i.e. adapting the manner, in which data packets are handled by routers, to a given transmission type. Thanks to the deployment of MPLS, PTC will have a universal and extremely fast (up to 10 Gbps) data transfer network with QoS for use with current or future mobile communications systems.

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