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The iloggo webservice goes on-line

On October 4, 2006 a press conference related to the launch of iloggo - a product of ATM S.A.'s subsidiary - was held at the ATM S.A headquarters. So far, the websevice launched by the company does not have any competitors.

The iloggo (www.iloggo.pl) is an "Internet homepage" that sorts data found on the Web according to individual user preferences. It allows locating interesting information in a simple and intuitive manner as well as saving personal settings, which enables users to use selected web content in the same way, regardless of the computer used to access the Internet.

By definition, iloggo does not compete with other sites or systems that sort Internet content as it does not gather content, but only directs users to websites that may be of use to them. iloggo aims at filling a market niche by creating a specific Internet community.

Thanks to the ability to promote the most popular Internet information nodes, iloggo remains a partner of key web portals and content providers.

The product will be offered to individual customers, but it is the business that will benefit from iloggo by using the website's offerings and generating revenue.

The product developed by iloggo complements ATM S.A.'s Internet services. It is also convergent with the company’s strategy aiming at B2B customer support. iloggo's operational model is consistent with the strategy employed by ATMAN, a carrier business owned by ATM S.A. With such services as AC-X, ATMAN lifts bandwidth limits, as well as promotes and encourages its customers to generate IP traffic both within and outside their local networks.

ATM S.A.'s telecom capabilities allow the company use ATMAN's infrastructure for iloggo's operations. ATM S.A. is also a source of technology expertise used during site development. This gives ATM S.A. a privileged position as a technology partner. Thus, the final result may be reached at lower cost. Moreover, considering the fact that iloggo is a sorting webervice that does not aggregate information content, its operating costs are also low. The costs are further lowered by the use of ATMAN’s telecom infrastructure. One may anticipate that iloggo’s operations will shortly become profitable.

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