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Students sponsored by ATM S.A. champions of Poland

In the beginning of November 2006, Krakow held a competition of XI Polish Academic Collegiate Programming Championships, arranged by the Jagiellonian University.

54 teams from major academic institutions in Poland, consisting of three members each, participated in the competition. Thanks to high results achieved by the Warsaw University (sponsored by ATM S.A.) in previous years—the Warsaw University’s representation consisted of as many as 7 teams, under the scientific supervision of professors Jan Madey and Krzysztof Diks. All of them proven out perfectly!

The Academic Champions of Poland in Collegiate Programming (with a score of 8/10 tasks done) was a team whose members were: Marek Cygan (course: Computer Sciences, 4th year), Marcin Pilipczuk (course: Simultaneous Computer Sciences and Math Studies, 4th year), Filip Wolski (Simultaneous Computer Sciences and Math Studies, 1st year). Other Warsaw University teams have placed 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 13th and 17th.

Poland Championship are the pre-eliminations to the Central European Championships. However, the winners of this stage will advance to the World Championship, which will be held for the 31st time. They are organized by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). Every year, they lure several thousand of the most talented students of computer sciences. In Spring 2006, the final competition in San Antonio, USA, held 83 teams, 2 from Poland among them, from the Warsaw and Jagiellonian Universities.

Each team consists of three members working on one computer. Everybody get 10 tasks to perform in 5 hours.

“The participants have to find a solution to a problem given by the organizers, then design an algorithm for the solution, program an application, test it in a computer and send it to the Jury,” explains Prof. Jan Madey.

“If a task has been solved correctly, a time is measured — from the start of the competition to the moment of sending it for evaluation. If not — it is returned for corrections and a penalty of 20 minutes is added”. The winner is a team, who solves the most tasks and if there is a tie — the winner is the fastest team.

Warsaw University is the only Polish school participating in these championships for 13 years. The first start in Central European eliminations was a great sensation since they have instantly been awarded first place. Since then, the Warsaw University is one of the three Polish establishments that participate annually in this competition.

From three years ATM S.A. is the main sponsor for the Warsaw University team. The company is also sponsoring scholarship grants for the best team. A majority of these young computer sciences students stays in Poland.

Everybody benefits on that — the students and the country, because many corporations want to invest in Poland. “This also is a great achievement of Polish students,” says Prof. Madey.

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