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Roman Szwed, president of ATM S.A. awarded Top Manager by the "Manager Magazin"

For the second time, the "Manager Magazin" and the Polish Confederation of Private Employers "Lewiatan" honored top managers who know how to best manage companies in a visible and measurable way.

The ceremony took place on November 16 this year. Roman Szwed, president of the IT company ATM S.A. noted on Warsaw Exchange, was amongst honored managers.

The awards include the following categories:

  • Finance and insurance
  • Media, telecommunications and IT
  • Sales and services
  • Manufacturing

The laureates in every of these four industries are chosen through an analysis performed with use of objective criteria. The idea is to award people, who in the evaluated period caused the ultimate value rise of their companies, measured by return on investment in shares of their companies. Also, a supplementary factor to evaluation is given, which is raise of revenue and profits.

Monopolists and those who achieved their success due to external factors (e.g.: rise of resource prices on world markets) are not recognized. Eligible for prizes are those who reached their success thanks to the quality of management. The analysis process of public companies is conducted by a knowledge partner, KPMG consulting company. The final decision belongs to the Jury headed by Prof. Adam Budnikowski, provost of the Warsaw School of Economics.

“ATM S.A. evolves accordingly to a strategy adopted two years ago,” said Roman Szwed. “The company, which was known before as an integrator and provider of telecommunication services, did not neglect its traditional fields of operations. Now the company focuses on bringing technology platforms for value-added telecommunication services, especially for digital content distribution. During the past few years, the company experienced dynamic growth and its excellent performance and a development strategy fully accepted by the investors caused that the company share price has risen over 7 times in a period of as long as 2 years. A coincidence was that on November 16th the company's value raised above PLN 0.5 billion.

Competition organizers

“Manager Magazin” is owned by the German “Der Spiegel” Group and is a business magazine directed to managers of large and medium-sized companies. It is them who take the most important decisions that have a final influence on investments, expenses and courses of the companies’ development. The readers of „Manager Magazin” are people who are professionally active, dynamic and success-minded.
PKPP Lewiatan is an association of approx. 3000 companies in over 54 regional and branch organizations. These companies employ a total of over 500,000 people. Lewiatan is a member of a Tripartite Comission of Social and Economic Issues. It is a member of UNICE: the Confederation of European Business, which is a representative of businesses and employers before the European Commitee, the European Parliament and other institutions of the European Union.

Knowledge Partner
KPMG was one of the first international consulting companies to enter Polish market. It offers consulting services to companies from the following sectors: finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, sales and manufacturing of consumer goods and services, manufacturers of industrial goods and services, information, communication and entertainment, public administration institutions and SMB.

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