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ATM S.A. scholarships for young programmers

On January 15, 2007, the Golden Chamber of Pałac Kazimierzowski at the University of Warsaw, was the venue of the the scholarship ceremony endowed by ATM S.A. to the Central European champions in Team Programming - the team of the students from the Faculty of Mathematics, IT and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw (MIMUW).

The team members were: Marek Cygan, 4th grade CS student, Marcin Pilipczuk, 4th grade student of the simultaneous IT/mathematics courses (JSIM), and Filip Wolski, 1st grade JSIM student. The certificates were handed by Professor Wojciech Tygielski, deputy rector of the Warsaw University, and Roman Szwed, president of the management board, ATM S.A. Other important attendants were Krzysztof Diks and Jan Madey, Team supervisors and professors at MIMUW.

Being a software developer, ATM values the achievements of young Polish programmers that win top prizes in ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) and Top Coder contests.

“The support shown for the Polish science is for us both a tradition and an honour,” emphasized Mr. Roman Szwed, the president of the Management Board, ATM S.A., and at the same time, an alumnus and once long-standing employee of the University of Warsaw.

“This is very important for the students, as they do not need to seek for additional sources of income,” said Mr. Krzysztof Diks. “With such support, they can focus on their activities and strive for similar excellent results.”

“We are happy that recently the worldwide successes of our students are noticed not only by the scientific and academic circles, but also by the Polish IT companies, which think in a longer perspective and apply care so as our extensively talented young people can find their opportunities for self-development and career in our country. Undoubtedly, ATM S.A. is a glorious example of such fact; we are very happy to find such a strategic partner at last,” Mr. Jan Madey added.

The close cooperation has started more than two years ago. ATM offered its sponsorship support for the UW team, which was preparing for the championship of Poland, and afterwards for the European semi-finals and world finals. As the main sponsor, ATM also endowed three one-year scholarships for the best students.

Last year, in early November, Krakow saw the 9th Academic Championship of Poland in Team Programming held by the Jagiellonian University. These were attended by 54 three-person teams from the most important academic centers in Poland. Due to the excellent results achieved in the previous years, the University of Warsaw could be represented by as much as 7 teams, and all of them gave a very strong performance. The Academic Champion of Poland in Team Programming (solving 8 out of 10 tasks) became the team, which now obtains the scholarship from ATM. A few weeks ago, the same team became the Central European champion. In March, the team will travel to Tokio to participate in the world championship.

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