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ATM S.A. strengthens its leading position on the market of supercomputers and computing clusters

More than 1,200 processors installed and running in supercomputer installations.

In December 2006, ATM finished the next stage of deliveries for the largest Polish computing centers. The computing power has been increased by doubling the number of processors and expanding the memory. In result, the supercomputers delivered during the last several months have in total 544 newest-generation processors and more than 1 TB of memory, all in a consistent technology and architecture.

The Cyfronet AGH Academic Computer Center deployed the first in Poland, newest supercomputer SGI Altix 4700, equipped with a computing subsystem based on the RASC (Reconfigurable Application Specific Computing) technology. It enables a significant improvement of the computing performance by hardware-based adjustments of the computer according to the processed model.

The total value of supercomputers delivered by ATM in the 4th quarter of the last year is ca. PLN 5.75 million.

ATM has been operating on the supercomputer market for more than ten years. In cooperation with leading technology providers, the company installed in Poland many supercomputer systems and computing clusters, used inter alia for data processing, scientific calculations, and weather forecast calculations. The installations are covered by special maintenance support.

The supercomputer installations delivered by ATM during the last few years in Poland have at present more than 1,200 processors in total. This places the company as the leader of the market and constitutes an important segment of the company operations.

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