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mPay becomes an acquirer

On January 26, 2007, mPay S.A., a subsidiary of ATM S.A., obtained a license from the Chairman of the National Bank of Poland for operating a mobile payment authorization and settlement system.

In result of that decision, mPay S.A. became the first company in Poland to have the status of acquirer for mobile payments and now is able to provide and develop such services in the domestic market.

mPay S.A. has developed its own innovative technological solution which supports execution, processing, and settlement of all types of mobile transactions. Applications for patents for this solution have been filed in 57 countries and in 8 countries the patents have been already granted. The solution supports all models of mobile phones available on the market, as well as new technologies, such as NFC (Near Field Communication), a mobile phone technology promoted by VISA and Nokia.

mPay operates on a market with brilliant perspectives and a high growth potential. According to the ADLittle consulting firm, the revenues related to m-payments will increase worldwide from USD 3.2 billion in 2003 to USD 37.1 billion next year. In Poland, dynamic development of mobile payments is predicted particularly in the areas of e-commerce and so-called bothersome payments and micropayments (such as vending machines with beverages, transport fares, parking fees).

Taking advantage of the platform offered by mPay S.A., mobile operators and banks may provide mobile payment services to their customers and retail establishments may offer to the consumers a new, convenient payment channel.

In cooperation with selected mobile operators and banks, mPay is now conducting intensive works to deploy the service commercially. Also, many business partners have shown their interest in such cooperation, because they want to use this payment method as a new payment channel, alternative to cash.

mPay actively promotes its solution also abroad. Among others, the company is going to present it during the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona, which begins on February 12 this year and is the largest event of the mobile telecommunications industry in the world. mPay S.A. is a subsidiary of the ATM S.A. Capital Group. The mobile payment system was developed in tight cooperation between both companies and thanks to that it has been possible to combine the innovativeness of the mPay’s solution with the experience of the stock-exchange company ATM S.A.

The ATM S.A. management believe that the status of mobile payment acquirer, obtained by mPay S.A., not only opens a way to develop services offered directly by mPay, but also constitutes a significant step on the way to provide value-added telecommunications services under new innovative projects undertaken by ATM. One such project involves video-on-demand (VOD) services provided by Cineman Sp. z o.o. The comfort provided by the possibility to make payments by mobile phone adds a new dimension to the Cineman services.

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