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ATM S.A. becomes a laureate of the 13th edition of "Bulls and Bears"

ATM S.A. is respected by the capital market. The prestigious title for 2006 has been awarded to the company by editors of the Parkiet stock-market newspaper. It was already the 13th edition of the competition.

ATM S.A. has been declared the company with the highest corporate governance standards. On February 6 this year, during a ceremony in the Warsaw Stock Exchange building, Zyta Gilowska, deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finances, and Piotr Woľniak, Minister of Economy, handed the “Bull and Bear” statuette to Roman Szwed, ATM President.

”The growth rate is high and the budget deficit and inflation are under control,” said deputy Prime Minister summing up the state of the economy. ”It’s an excellent time to do business”. ATM takes advantage of this boom.

In the award justification, the Parkiet editors wrote: ”For more than two years from its stock-market debut, ATM not even once let down its shareholders. The clear strategy, transparently presented at the quarterly press conferences, and above all the better and better financial results attract new investors. ATM knows how to care for them. Not only large shareholders, but also small ones have full access to the company information.

The company management do not make empty declarations. The company, managed by Roman Szwed and Tadeusz Czichon, reliably and smoothly delivers on its promises of expansion of the Capital Group and systematic improvement of the results. The new initiatives, planned on a grand scale, will be financed from newly issued shares.

Although the ATM share price exceeded the level of PLN 150 long time ago, the company overcame a temptation to issue so-called cheap shares at PLN 1.00 and is going to continue selling shares at the market price. It is a confirmation that the company cares for its existing shareholders who are interested in stabile price growth. A similar situation is with profit distribution. The transparent dividend policy guarantees long-term earnings to the shareholders.

”We are very glad of that recognition from capital market experts,” said Roman Szwed. ”This is a very prestigious award and we are going to do our best not to let down our shareholders also in the future.”

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