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The first success story of the extended ATM group

On February 19th 2007, an agreement has been signed on execution of the project called "Building of the Integrated WAN for Organizational Units of the Aleksandrów £ódzki Commune with delivery of hardware and software."

The agreement is a result of the tender procedure won by a consortium that consists of Sputnik Software sp. z o.o. and KLK Technologie Informatyczne sp. z o.o. The initiative places itself deeply within the idea of creating information society at a local level.

Within the project, Sputnik Software — as the consortium leader — will implement software for handling the electronic document workflow (PROTON Electronic Document Workflow System) and deliver the computer hardware. KLK Technologie Informatyczne will execute the part of the order that contains design and installation of the power cabling for LAN connected workstations at the municipal and communal office and roll-out of the communal structural WAN. The value of the contract is PLN 548,000.

It is the first such an important example of business synergy within the extended ATM group. It is worth remembering that on October 31st 2006, an investment agreement has been executed between ATM SA and KLK Technologie Informatyczne. With this transaction, ATM acquired 78.74% of KLK shares. The KTK Technologie Informatyczne company is an IT service provider and one of the first IT system integration companies in Poland. The company specializes in consulting, design, deployment and support services within the scope of providing advanced power systems, IT and ICT networks and computer systems. The features of KLK are stable growth and regular, high financial results. In 2005, the company noted sales revenues of PLN 40 million and over PLN 1.8 million of net profit.

Apart from that, on January 30th, 2007, ATM SA and Sputnik Software sp. z o.o. entered into an investment agreement on purchasing 60% of stocks of Sputnik Software by ATM. For ATM this means expanding the group's product portfolio and, most of all, entering the government software market (with a focus on public administration), where the company previous existence was limited. Execution of the contract is planned on March 31st 2007, after appropriate resolutions by statutory bodies of both companies. The qualities of Sputnik Software are dynamic sales revenue growth and high profitability. According to preliminary estimations, last year the company noted sales revenues of PLN 2.35 million and approx. PLN 0.5 million of net profit.

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