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ATM S.A. sales record higher SME share

SMEs play more and more significant role in the economy. ATM S.A. acknowledges that tendency.

By the end of 2006, the company had over 200 customers from that sector. They yielded over 11% of the company’s total revenue.

Approximately 25% of sales revenues originate from system integration solutions, with 73% from ICT and value-added services provided under the ATMAN brand. First weeks of 2007 brought further ATM activity rise in that market segment.

Until recently, ATM offering targeted mainly large companies with high level of requirements and needs for ICT solutions. In 2006 such solutions represented approx. 89% of the company's revenues. The ATM board values the consumer potential of that group in circumstances of increasing importance of SMEs in Polish economy and growing involvement of major EU resources in the sector.

The board of directors have developed a suite of solutions to be offered by all companies within the ATM group, taking into consideration every specific need of SME market. The suite includes:

  • State-of-the-art ATMAN ICT services
  • Desktop systems ousourcing (ATM Services)
  • Dedicated solutions based on cooperation with partners
  • Computers — Dell
  • Basic software suites — Microsoft
  • Network solutions — Cisco
  • Cooperation with business application providers

The market expansion plan resulted in ATM BoD employing a program that includes certain tasks:

Expansion of ATMAN backbone with additional access nodes to allow provision of ICT services (Internet access, telephony and VPN deployments)
Expansion of fiber optic MANs at new locations and acquisition of existing ones
Creation of an infrastructure that will allow ATM to benefit from BSA Master Agreement (Bitstream Access based on existing TP SA access lines)
Deployment of planning support system and IT environment configuration for our customers and providing them with high-quality support services

Current report No. 14/2007 of February 26th, 2007 contains general and SME market strategy guidelines.

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