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ATM announces the "Expansion guidelines for 2007"

In the current report No. 14/2007, the ATM S.A. board of directors positively evaluated the execution of expansion strategy announced on July 15th, 2006, while also mentioned the activity plan for upcoming year.

Progress in execution of the expansion guidelines that were established a year ago confirms that reasonable strategic decisions were made at an appropriate time. Increase in sales within the basic areas of business gives a strong basis to continue the Company’s policy of investing in infrastructure for provision of ICT services, expansion of Data Security Center and development of software suites from the Atmosfera family. A cooperation with leading ICT companies brings good effects as well. These include Cisco, Dell and Microsoft.

ATM group is conducting R&D activities targeted at development of innovative products and services — the multimedia content network distribution system (ATM), the teleradiology archive (ATM), the mobile payment system (mPay) and the Web 2.0 class website (iloggo). These activities ensure a clear horizon for conquering emerging markets. Investments such as acquisition of majority shares in companies whose business profile is similar to that of ATM SA start to yield measurable value with jointly acquired contracts.

Apart from retaining position in of ATM SA’s key market sectors, the group’s BoD aims to perform certain activities in 2007 to dramatically increase sales in medical services and public administration sectors. According to the BoD, both sectors will benefit from underway changes in means of using ICT and IT technologies, also including factor of subsidies from EU funds. Thus, a new ATM SA business unit has been established under the name of ATMED, for sales of the ATM group's services on the medical market. As for the public administration market, ATM intends to offer comprehensive solutions with an acquisition of Sputnik Software, a company known for the Nowoczesna Gmina (Modern Commune) software and successful deployments of budgeting system in all Polish communes.

Issue of the first instalment of shares due at the turn of the first and the second quarter of 2007 within the so called registered capital is expected to yield the Company approximately PLN 190 million. These assets will mainly cover execution of a widely planned programme of investments in service infrastructure: expansion of ICT network and technology platforms for innovative services developed by the company's subsidiaries. The rest of capital gained will cover the purchase of minority stake in an ICT operator company conducting business in Middle-East and Central Europe, with an option to acquire a majority stake in the future. The main target of this investment is to bring forth an innovative new generation ICT services offering abroad onto the new and thirsty markets.

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