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Q4 2006 results

ATM SA presented its results from the 4th quarter of the year 2006. Revenues from sales exceeded PLN 42.1 million (a 10% increase in comparison to adequate period of previous year) and net profit totaled nearly PLN 22.1 million (a 35 per cent increase).

Summarized yearly sales revenues equaled almost PLN 127.8 million (a 7% increase in comparison to previous year) and net profit totaled almost PLN 26.2 million (a 36% increase).

Consolidated reports of the ATM group featured sales revenues that equaled almost PLN 148.3 million (a 24 per cent increase in comparison to previous year) and net profit totaled almost PLN 26.8 million (a 39 per cent increase).

ATM S.A. 4th quarter of 2006

  • Income — PLN 42.1 million
  • Net profit — PLN 22.1 million

ATM S.A.: 2006

  • Income — PLN 127.8 million
  • Net profit — PLN 26.2 million

ATM capital group 2006

  • Income — PLN 148.3 million
  • Net profit — PLN 26.8 million

Results from the 4th quarter of 2006 clearly show:

  • Strengthening tendency of ATM on the ICT providers market — revenues from that sector reach half of total sales revenues
  • A 32% increase of revenues from projects based on the technology of main ATM partner — Cisco Systems — in comparison to the 4th quarter of 2005
  • Retaining market leadership in sales of high-performance computing systems (supercomputers) for Polish scientific units — in the 4th quarter a total of revenues from that business reached PLN 5.75 million.

In October 2006, the Cineman company — a subsidiary of ATM SA— in cooperation with Monolith Films sp. z o.o. has acquired a key customer: Telekomunikacja Polska SA. TP offers movie content to a wide range of its subscribers within the “video on-demand” service. ATM board believes that winning a customer owning the largest end customer structure nationwide is a great success for Cineman. It is also a confirmation that ATM SA employed a proper strategy to build a complex offering of digital video, information and entertainment content distribution along with its partners and trusted high-quality content providers.

Cineman services are being provided with use of the ATM InternetTV technology platform created and developed by ATM SA. Roll-out of video on demand service has been planned on March 1st for subscribers of a selected local ICT providers in Warsaw. Further platform development steps will allow to download movies not only over the Internet, but also by mobile phones.

Last year's October also brought finalization of an investment agreement between ATM SA (ATM) and KLK Technologie Informatyczne sp. z o.o. (KLK) with purchase of majority stake of KLK by ATM from former shareholders. With this transaction, ATM acquired 78.74% of KLK shares for a sum of PLN 14.96 million. The KTK Technologie Informatyczne company is an IT service provider and one of the first IT systems integration companies in Poland. The company specializes in consulting, design, deployment and support services within the scope of providing advanced power systems, IT and ICT networks and computer systems. The features of KLK are stable growth and regular, high financial results.

On the extraordinary general meeting of ATM SA plans for issuing of shares were approved. On the EGM of shareholders the company articles of association have been changed and the BoD was authorized to raise the share capital with no more than PLN 18.4 million within the so called registered capital. This means a consent to issue shares in instalments approved by the supervisory board — almost up to PLN 400 million. The capital assets gained will cover investment costs with development of own IT infrastructure for sales of new services, and financing investments in companies whose business profiles are similar to that of ATM SA. Detailed investment plans will be specified separately before each application for another instalment for raising the share capital.

On January 30th, 2007, ATM SA and Sputnik Software sp. z o.o. entered into an investment agreement on purchasing 60% of stocks of Sputnik Software by ATM. For ATM this means expanding the group's product portfolio and, most of all, entering the government software market (with a focus on public administration), where the company’s operations were limited. Due to the fact, on February 19th 2007 an agreement has been signed on execution of the project called "Building of the Integrated WAN for Organizational Units of the Aleksandrów £ódzki Commune with delivery of hardware and software.” The agreement is a result of the tender procedure won by a consortium that consists of Sputnik Software sp. z o.o. and KLK Technologie Informatyczne sp. z o.o. The initiative places itself deeply within the idea of creating information society at a local level. It is the first such an important example of business synergy within the extended ATM group.

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