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Cineman's international movies in the BAIT network

The contract with BAIT is Cineman's another important agreement after the company has become a partner of Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.

It also exemplifies cooperation that takes place between individual companies in the ATM group — Cineman provides the technological platform and content, whereas ATM’s network is used for communication. It is important that the solution was deployed very quickly. This allowed Cineman to start offering services faster than its competitors, which gave it a distinct advantage. The current deployment is a test, and after the testing period is finished the company will provide similar services to other carriers.

Deploying the Cineman VOD service in the BAIT network is a breakthrough in providing access to multimedia content. Cineman’s service allows customers to rent and view movies of their choice without leaving their house.

"We all know it too well: the car, the video rental store, coming back home, the disc isn’t returned on time, paying the overdue fee, going to the video rental store again, etc.," said Piotr Leszczyński, CEO of Cineman. "BAIT customers have it much easier: all they need to do is click and watch. This is it. The difference is apparent."

The first customers are already watching movies from a specially tailored set. Both companies believe that Cineman VOD will become popular. The customers are going to be attracted by high picture and sound quality, and the rich and varied offering managed by Cineman.

BAIT Sp. z o.o. is a telecommunication carrier and an independent ISP with several thousand customers. The company has its own autonomous system, IP address pools, and a direct point of presence with an ATMAN node providing unlimited throughput. This allows it to offer high-quality services in the whole network.

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