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Agreement between ATM and Interoute

In March ATM S.A. concluded a contract for leasing telecommunication infrastructure to Interoute Poland sp. z o.o. and providing it with telecommunication services. Interoute Poland represents one of the biggest provider networks in Europe.

The contract will last for at least a year, with an option of becoming open-ended. This is the first contract between ATM and Interoute.

"ATMAN (a division of ATM) owns a fiber optic network in Warsaw and Upper Silesia, and started to build new ones in Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Lublin and the tricity area of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. For Interoute, this makes the company a valuable provider of last mile services based on fiber optic technology," emphasized Andrzej Grochowski from ATM.

Interoute’s fiber optic network consists of 12 rings that connect 78 cities in 22 countries. It is built of more that 47 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cables capable of transmitting petabits of data per second (petabit equals to a billion megabits). The company has also built metropolitan area networks in 20 of the most important European cities. The contract will allow Interoute to use ATM S.A.’s ATMAN network in Poland.

"Interoute has a wide customer base in Europe and maintains high standards of technological and customer service quality. Therefore, it chooses its partners extremely carefully. ATM made an interesting offer, and its activities up to date allow us to feel comfortable about maintaining our standards," said Jacek Hatlapa, CEO of Interoute Poland sp. z o.o.

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