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ATM S.A. builds WAN for Warsaw Trams

ATM S.A. has won the contract for WAN corporate service provided for The Warsaw Tram Company.

The tender procedure was conducted with negotiations. The least expensive offer was that of Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. but it was formally rejected. ATM’s offer was in the second position as far as the price was concerned. The protest of TP SA and their appeal to the tenderer’s decision was also rejected. Finally ATM’s offer was accepted.

The contract will last till December 31, 2008 and covers:

  • setting-up connections among 6 locations
  • Internet access
  • delivery and configuration of network equipment (routers) in leasing
  • delivery of telephone exchanges and configuration.

“We believe that his contract will provide us with fast data transmission as the system is to connect all the tram depots in Warsaw and other institutions of the company. It will enable proper inside communication, IT systems service and inside telephony operation” said Wojciech Szydłowski, PR Manager of the Warsaw Trams Company.

The service launch is planned within 75 days after the signing the agreement. The contract is worth 1,05 million zlotys.

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