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ATM S.A. provides data transmission services for Eutelsat S.A.

ATM S.A. has signed the agreement with Eutelsat S.A. - a leading satellite operator - for data transmission (STM -1) services in Warsaw. The contract confirms ATM's position among the telecommunications operators and Eutelsat extends the list of the crucial giant customers cooperating with ATM.

Eutelsat Communications is a European holding. Their major business covers video and data transmission. It is also one of the three biggest world providers of FSS (Fixed Satellite Services). Eutelsat owns 23 satellites that transmit the signal to 90% of the world population. The satellites are used for land, naval and aerial communication, video transmission for cable TVs’ customers and the owners of private satellite antennas and also for the purposes of TV recording vans and programme exchange. Eutelsat’s satellites are useful for IP multicasting, broadband Internet access, services within corporate networks, wireless and stationary communication, navigation systems. Telecommunications infrastructure of Eutelsat meets various needs of their customers: paid tv platforms, governmental organizations, SMB companies among them.

The contract worth 40 thousands Euro is valid for one year with the option to extend for further years.

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