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ATM S.A. Executive Board puts off the issue date

The ATM S.A. shares will be issued on a later date. The existing plans will be implemented and the delay will have no significant impact onto the financial results.

The Company’s prospectus has not been approved by the Financial Supervision Commission within the previously planned time limit and therefore the ATM S.A. Executive Board decided to put off the stock subscription date. The prospectus will not be approved until the publication of the Company’s Report for 2006, which should take place on June 15, 2007. Consequently, the procedure of issuing the shares and acquiring the stock capital also becomes delayed. However, it should not have any significant impact onto the current financial situation of the Company and onto the adopted investment plans which are and will be implemented. Some delays in expansion of the Capital Group are nevertheless possible.

”The Company’s financial situation is very good,” said Roman Szwed, President of ATM S.A. “The high profit obtained in the previous year enables us to implement the adopted plans without problems. We are consistently expanding and modernizing our infrastructure in order to prepare it for providing new services in response to the demand of our existing customers. Irrespective of the issue procedure, we have completed the settlement connected with the acquisition of the Katowice-based KLK and Poznań-based Sputnik companies. In fact, the delay of the issue might even be beneficial, because it gives us more time for commercial deployment of new products which are being positively received by the market, such as multimedia content distribution platforms. This may translate into a higher price of our stock on the issue date.

It should be noted that the majority of means obtained from the issue will be allocated to new acquisitions, so the delay will not have any significant impact onto the organic-growth plans. The Company is continuously looking for attractive investment targets and the delay of the issue date does not and will not disturb the negotiations being conducted with the prospective entities. Also, the change of the issue date will not interfere with implementation of the well-thought-out strategy of the Company. If a particular transaction justifies such measure, the Company may use bridge financing, among other available options.

”Undoubtedly, the prolonged issuance procedure is not a comfortable situation for the Company,” said Tadeusz Czichon, vice-president, ATM S.A. “However, that should not worry our investors, because the nature of the difference of opinion between the Company and the Commission is only formal, as described in the relevant Current Report. Other quoted companies also face similar situations from time to time and in this sense it is nothing extraordinary. The Executive Board spares no effort to fulfill the promises made to the shareholders.”

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