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A PLN 4.4-million contract for providing IT services for another large financial institution

ATM S.A. has signed a contract with one of the largest financial institutions in the world. In consideration of vital interests of the customer, the Company cannot reveal at present its name and the transaction details.

The contract term is 3 years and its estimated value is PLN 4.4 million. Under the contract, ATM will deliver certain goods and start providing telecommunications services as soon as in this quarter, to be continued for next 3 years. The contract significantly strengthens the ATM’s position in the financial market and at the same time confirms the unique competencies of the Company, recognized by the most demanding Polish and foreign customers.

For the last few months, ATM has been winning successive, very attractive customers from the group of the world-largest players on the telecommunications market (including Interoute and Eutelsat) and the financial market. Those agreements provide an excellent starting point for gradual expansion of the cooperation with strategic customers, with benefits for both parties and certainly with benefits for the long-term building of the ATM value. Due to numerous legal restrictions and often confidential nature of services provided to financial institutions, ATM does not reveal detailed information about new contracts in that sector.

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