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PLN 3 million from EU funds for ATM S.A.

The Company has successes in obtaining subsidies for innovative research projects.

The ATM S.A. is to build company value by implementing innovative ICT projects. Among the ambitious projects in which the company participates, there is a large project related to the mobile payment system being implemented by the mPay S.A. subsidiary, a large project of building an Internet-based platform for multimedia content distribution, and a smaller project in the area of e-Health. For the most part, those projects are financed from the Company’s own means and constitute multi-million items in its investment budget. The projects are already at a very advanced stage of development or at the commercial launch stage. However, they are so complex that the Company must also incur typical research & development costs, connected with the further evolution of the projects, their expansion onto other areas, or supplementing with some innovative elements which must be developed under dedicated R&D works. To this extent, ATM S.A. takes the opportunity of obtaining funds for research & development works from the European Union aid, specifically through the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the SPO-WKP 2004-2006 program.

In result of three submitted applications with a total value of PLN 6.7 million, the Company received almost PLN 3 million of subsidies. Obtaining such significant subsidies confirms that the chosen strategy is right and gets approval from project reviewers. In addition to the increased value of the implemented projects through enriching them with solutions covered by the grant applications, the projects become more unique, which in a longer perspective might provide the Company with a significant competitive advantage. The projects under which specific R&D works are to be performed include:

  1. The mPay mobile payment system, which includes introduction of a universal mobile-payment standard. Mobile payments may lead to a significant reduction of cash-based transactions and thus support and strengthen the economic development. If the project becomes successful on the Polish market, a unique chance will arise to develop an international standard based on our solution. Therefore, the proposed project may ultimately be of global significance.
  2. Technology platform for next-generation mobile services.
  3. The Teleradiology Archive Project — a system to archive patients’ diagnostic images.

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