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A strong entry of ATM S.A., in cooperation with ENEL-MED, onto the medical service market

ATM S.A. has entered into an agreement with Centrum Teleradiologii ENEL-MED Sp. z o.o. on deploying and providing Teleradiology Archive System services. ENEL-MED is one of the largest private service providers and a leader on the high-quality medical service market in Poland.

ATM plays in this project the role of a technology partner which builds an end-to-end ICT (information & communication technology) infrastructure and provides full outsourcing services. The services are based on ATM’s proprietary, innovative ICT solutions. The concluded agreement means that ATM has commercially entered onto the market of healthcare-oriented ICT services.

At the same time, ATM and ENEL-MED signed a letter of intent which describes the parties’ further plans to establish closer cooperation in the area of teleradiology outsourcing services provided for third-party entities in Poland and abroad. The project being implemented is a part of a larger program of introducing e-Health services in Poland and Europe.

The agreement and the letter of intent demonstrate the consistent implementation of the Company’s strategic development policy presented in the document “Directions of ATM S.A. development in 2007”, provided in the Current Report No. 14/2007, dated February 26, 2007. The signed contract is very significant for both parties in business terms, but also may have a significant impact on the development of e-Health services in Poland generally. However, those who will benefit most from the services are the patients, to whom the tele-archive platform provides obvious advantages without any additional costs. Thanks to the system, the results of medical examinations of ENEL-MED patients can be safely stored and made available via a VPN to the patients’ attending physicians in various healthcare facilities throughout Poland.

It is worth pointing out that in this project, ATM again plays the role of a technology enabler by offering technology-related competencies and infrastructural solutions which in combination with the merit-related knowledge and market position of the partner will certainly result in developing products with a clear competitive advantage on the market.

The Teleradiology Archive System has been developed (and will be further expanded) with ATM’s own means and with support of EU funds for development of innovative technological projects. The system design ensures a level of reliability and security incomparable with the traditional method of storing printed results in an archive, as well as speed of access to any historical information measured in seconds, easy information retrieval, and — which is very important — compliance with regulations and international standards. The system interoperates with any software installed in healthcare facilities thanks to using generally accepted medical communication standards, such as DICOM and HL7. Also, it is possible to integrate the system with proprietary software, using specially developed application interfaces. It is planed to evolve the system to a full Electronic Patient Record system. Deploying the archive in the ATMAN Data Protection Center ensures a very high level of telecommunications quality, as well as physical and technological security.

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