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ATM S.A. has implemented SMaCS system for Multimedia Polska S.A.

ATM has finished product implementation of Service Management and Charging System (SMaCS) used to manage and charge Internet services by one of the leading Polish telecommunications operators - Multimedia S.A. SMaCS is designed to manage access services for users of DLS network in Multimedia Polska S.A.

SMaCS provides service creating and provisioning in six locations of Poland. Implemented solutions in its networking layer is based on reliable Cisco Systems BRAS platform. In configuration applied in Multimedia SMaCS enables the operator to flexibly introduce added services and their efficient management.

Owing to the authorship ATM SMaCS solution telecommunication operator can implement convergent Internet services and realize new billing models e.g. combined with voice services and multimedia content. This can be done irrespective of applied access type (xDSL, WiMAX, CATV etc). SMaCS also enables to manage services realized within access network acquired upon the agreement for using DLS infrastructure of the national operator (Bit Stream Access agreement)

SMaCS is a middleware application based on SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) technology. SOA enables business process modeling and effective integration with other systems of the operator. SOA provides effective communication between operator’s network infrastructure and business systems (e.g. transfer of billing data to billing systems) and fast realization of the business scenarios of the offered services.

As announced in the press release on January 24th 2007, the contract is worth 1,5 million zlotys.


Multimedia Polska is one of the leading Polish providers of triple play, a service which combines cable TV, voice and broadband internet in a single package. Multimedia has developed through organic growth and has been party to a number of mergers and acquisitions. For last 4-5 years total investment value of Multimedia Group including investments in network modernization exceeded 500 million zlotys. Significant company’s strength over the competition is wide area backbone network throughout Poland with connection points to other operators networks (including Telekomunikacja Polska). The revenue of Multimedia Polska in first quarter of 2007 were about 49,5 ,million zlotys, and EBIDTA corrected margin 49,5%. As of 31 March 2007, Multimedia provided its services to a total of 602,000 customers of which some 169,000 customers used at least two Multimedia services (among TV, voice and internet), including some 36,600 triple play subscribers (combining all three services). www.multimedia.pl

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