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Good news for mobile payments in Poland

On July 9th, Mr Bogusław Kułakowski was appointed Chief Executive Officer of ATM Mobile Ltd, one of the companies of ATM Capital Group.

ATM Mobile Ltd. implements innovative ITC mobile technologies and has 99% shares in mPay Inc. — a company which developed a unique mobile payment system. mPay system is by all means destined to be a common payment system for all mobile phones users.

The appointment of Mr Kułakowski results from mPay’s shareholders trust that his knowledge, experience and particular abilities within the range of mobile technologies will guarantee dynamic mPay development, success and effectiveness of the mPay mobile payment system that will shortly be launched. According to ATM S.A. Management Board Mr Kułakowski will influence the development of mobile and media services realized by the Capital Group of ATM S.A. due to years of his experience in realization of innovative projects as well as in managing huge corporations of media and telecommunications markets (for 6 years Mr Kułakowski was CEO of PTC Ltd. (Era mobile operator) and for 2 years he was Vice President of ITI Group).

"The acquisition of such an excellent manager for ATM Mobile is our great success. Mr Kułakowski’s consent to conduct our projects confirms ATM’s and its subsidiaries’ well chosen strategy to develop mobile services being the most prospective branch of telecommunication. It is too early for the details but we have opened a new chapter in the history of ATM S.A. Capital Group", said Roman Szwed, President of Management Board of ATM S.A.

Mr Kułakowski’s brief resume is presented below.

Bogusław Kułakowski (born in 1964) is a graduate of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (Poland) with a Master degree in Law. He also holds a Master degree in Business Administration from Le Moyne College in Syracuse N.Y. (USA) and a Master degree in Business Telecommunications from the Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands). From May 2005 to April 2007 he was the Vice-President responsible for technology, research and development ITI Holdings S.A. He was also responsible for creation of digital satellite platform “N”. ITI Group is Poland 's leading media and entertainment group. It is active in television broadcasting and production, new media and cinema. From September 1999 to March 2005 he was the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Sp. z o.o. (“PTC”), Poland’s leading mobile telephony operator serving customers under Era and Heyah brands. He joined PTC in 1996 on its launch as Director of Customer Care and later became Chief Strategist in charge of corporate strategy and new products development. Having joined PTC on its launch Bogusław Kułakowski was responsible in developing PTC to the leading mobile telephony operator in Poland. Prior to joining PTC, Bogusław Kułakowski worked as Marketing Director for SAP Polska and a Marketing Consultant for Coca-Cola New York (USA). His hobby is a literature and sailing. His spare time he prefers to spend with family.

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