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Plus network operator and mPay S.A. implement mobile payment system

Polkomtel S.A., which provides services under the Plus, Simplus and Sami Swoi brands, and mPay S.A., a member of the ATM S.A. group of companies, signed an agreement for the joint implementation of a mobile payment system on the Polish market.

The agreement follows several months of joint effort dedicated to a service which may revolutionize the payment market in Poland. Subscribers of the Plus, Simplus and Sami Swoi brands will be able to pay for product and service purchases using their mobile phones in a manner similar to using credit cards. An added value is support for remote transactions which will allow payments to be made without visiting the store. The service will be available for both online shop payments and brick-and-mortar shop payments.

Polkomtel S.A. is the first telco in Central and Eastern Europe to implement mobile payment services commercially, and one of the few pioneers on the global scale. At the same time, this is the first commercial deployment of mPay, an all-Polish project. “We believe that mobile payments will become a new, important functionality of the mobile phone, which already provides much more than just voice communications and text messaging,” says Piotr Gaweł, Member of the Management Board and Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Manager for Polkomtel SA. “This service will provide our customers with improved mobility and convenience while ensuring a high standard of security.”

“At the beginning, we intend to promote the service in the area of ‘nuisance payments,’ where the ability to pay by card is limited and cash is not always the best option,” adds Henryk Kułakowski, mPay S.A.’s President and the originator of the service. “Beverage vending machines, parking meters, online music download sites or newsagents are some of the places where it will definitely be possible to pay by mobile phone soon.”

Polkomtel SA and mPay estimate that more than ten million Poles will be able to take advantage of the service within the next five years, and that it will become equally popular to card payments. The commercial launch is scheduled for the third quarter of this year.


Polkomtel S.A. is the operator of the Plus mobile network, launched on October 1, 1996. Currently, the Plus network has 13 million users and is available to 99% of people in Poland with a coverage of 98% of the country. In addition to voice calls, Plus offers its subscribers a vast and constantly growing array of value-added services. From the very beginning, Plus has been at the forefront of innovation, introducing the latest in technology and ICT solutions to the Polish market. The network’s customers were the first in Poland to use high-speed HSCSD data communications and GPRS/EDGE packet-based data communications, allowing them to access Internet resources by mobile phone. In September 2004, Plus was the first company in Poland to commercially launch a third generation (3G) UMTS-based network in Warsaw. Currently, the network provides the largest 3G coverage in Poland, being available in approximately 160 cities and localities. The company also provides HSDPA services in a number of large urban areas.

mPay S.A. is a subsidiary of the ATM S.A. group of companies, a communications and IT technology business listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (ATM). mPay S.A. was the first company in Poland to obtain a license from the President of the National Bank of Poland to provide payment transaction settlement services using mobile phones. Its mobile payment service is based on innovative, proprietary technology patented in more than ten countries.

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