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Sputnik Software, ATM S.A. subsidiary, to deliver end-to-end ICT system to the municipality of Zgierz

Sputnik Software has commenced the delivery of another project funded from IROP subsidies. Sputnik Software sp. z o.o., in a consortium with the Poznań-based Zeto S.A., won the tender for the development of an end-to-end IT system for the Municipality of Zgierz, including Internet access.

The project is jointly funded with the IROP (Integrated Regional Operational Program) as part of a larger initiative for the development of information society in the Municipality of Zgierz by promoting e-government.

The delivery will include the establishment of a LAN at the Municipal Office and a WAN across the Municipality’s organizational units, as well as the supply of computer hardware and system software. The consortium will also build public Internet access points, implement an integrated workflow system at the Municipal Office and its organizational units, deliver qualified certificates for the Office’s employees, and implement an electronic inbox with dynamic forms, digital signature implementation and secure document archive.

The project will also involve the establishment of a local certification authority (CA), the implementation of a PKI-based security system, the delivery of line-of-business applications for the Municipal Office, and a series of training courses for employees of the Municipal Office and its organizational units.

The procurement is valued at approx. PLN 1 million.

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