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ATM S.A. on the healthcare market

Communications needs of medical companies are increasing. Existing systems are being expanded and integrated and new systems are developed.

The Tele-Radiology Archive System (System Archiwum Teleradiologicznego) provides features which are convenient both for Enel-Med and for the patients taking advantage of its services.

  • The system ensures a high level of security of the stored results of medical examinations.
  • The system ensures secure remote access to those data for doctors attending the patients in various branches throughout Poland, making it possible to provide specialist consultations remotely.
  • The system design enables the archive to be very easily scaled, making it possible to incrementally increase the capacity to store results of medical examinations.
  • The data may be stored in distributed sites.
  • The system can be integrated with existing RIS (Radiology Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) applications through communication based on the DICOM protocol and Web Services. Also, it is possible to integrate the system with proprietary software, through custom-designed application interfaces.
  • It is possible to make the stored images available for educational purposes, with respect to the patients’ data protection rules.

In the future, when medical and IT experts develop a common standard adopted nation-wide, it is planned to migrate the system to a full Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system. A contract with Enel-Med is a step towards creating an EPR system.

The Radiological Archive system has been (and is being) developed thanks to ATM’s own means, as well as EU funds designated for development of innovative technology projects. Furthermore, ATM S.A. signed a letter of intent with Enel-Med, in order to establish closer cooperation between both companies in this field. In this project, ATM again plays the role of so-called technology enabler, offering the highest technological competencies, at the same time taking advantage of merit-related contribution from its partners and customers. That model proved to be very successful and the ability to effectively take advantage of it constitutes an important aspect of the company’s competitive edge.

The project is a component of a wide plan of introducing e-health services in Poland and in Europe. It is connected with the strategy being currently implemented by the Ministry of Health and with the increasing number of healthcare-related projects covered by the structural programs for the years 2007-2013.

For the healthcare market, ATM offers also its telecommunications services, such as transmission, hosting, building wireline and wireless networks, providing IT security solutions, etc. Furthermore, the company supplies dedicated software, e.g. to support IT management processes. Our proprietary product Atmosfera is the only Polish software package which has the PinkVerify certificate of compliance with ITIL, the de facto standard of good IT infrastructure management practices. One of the system modules, Medical Equipment Management, supports global management of both medical equipment and technical infrastructure. Such solutions are very beneficial not only because they support the IT team, but also because they are necessary to obtain ISO certification, which is a must in the situation of increasing competition between hospitals.

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