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Q2 2007 results

The consolidated reports of the ATM Capital Group feature revenues from sales of almost PLN 46.2 million (a 56-percent increase compared to the previous year) and net profit of PLN 1.89 million (an increase almost by a factor of four). In comparison with the 1st quarter of this year, the revenues from sales increased by PLN 7.5 million and the net profit by PLN 3.9 million. The management regards the quarter as a very successful one and maintains the forecasted results of the year as published in the prospectus. During the quarter, ATM S.A. was consistently carrying out its plans by entering into and implementing next contracts with existing and new customers. Some more interesting contracts are discussed on page 13 of the quarterly report.

The second public share issue

At the turn of the 2nd and 3rd quarters, ATM S.A. successfully finalized its second public issue of H-series shares. Investors have purchased over 1.2 million shares and the Company received more than PLN 154 million (after deducting the issue costs). The means obtained from the issue will be used for new capital investments and for expansion of the telecommunications infrastructure, according to the provisions of the prospectus. In result of the new issue, two next investors turned out to possess more than 5% of the Company’s shares: AIG TFI and ING Nationale-Nederlanden Polska OFE. The total combined share of institutional investors in ATM S.A. increased from 39% to ca. 54%.

Mobile payment system

Early in this quarter, an agreement was signed with Polkomtel S.A. on joint commercial deployment of a mobile payment system in Poland. A joint press conference is planned for the begin of September, to present the strategy of deployment of that innovative service. The mobile payment system is to be launched in the 4th quarter, in cooperation with all other mobile telephony operators in Poland. The team working on the mobile payment system has been significantly strengthened. The team is managed by Bogusław Kułakowski, president of PTC and vice-president of ITI of many years standing. Bogusław Kułakowski has been appointed president of ATM Mobile Sp. z o.o., a company which will soon change its name to mPay International Sp. z o.o.

Building a telecommunications operator in Central and Eastern Europe

In the 2nd quarter, ATM S.A. and the Amsterdam-based company Linx Telecommunications B.V. signed an agreement on acquiring by ATM S.A. interest in Linx, a telecommunications operator focusing its business operations on Central and Eastern European countries. The transaction is expected to be closed until the end of August this year. ATM S.A. will have 22% of the Linx Telecommunications’ company initial capital. The transaction value will amount to EUR 16.5 million. The transaction will be funded from means obtained from the completed share issue. It is envisaged that in the future ATM S.A. will increase its capital engagement in that company.

The healthcare market

In the last quarter, ATM S.A. signed an agreement with Centrum Teleradiologii ENEL-MED sp. z o.o. on starting up and providing the Tele-Radiology Archive System services. ATM plays in this project the role of a technology partner which builds the end-to-end IT infrastructure and provides full outsourcing services. The services are based of ATM’s proprietary innovative IT solutions. The signed agreement marks the actual commercial entry of the Company onto the market of information & communications technology services for the healthcare sector. The activities in this area will be strongly expanded in the current quarter.

ATM S.A. named the most innovative CISCO partner in the region

During Cisco Partner Summit 2007, the yearly global conference of Cisco partners, Cisco Systems granted to ATM S.A. the 2006 Solution Innovation award. ATM is the only company in the Central and Eastern Europe region to be awarded for innovativeness of its solutions based on the Cisco Systems products.

Separating a Research & Development Center

Consistently following the path of growth through innovation, the Company is implementing many research and development (R&D) projects. Three of those projects: the mPay mobile payment system, the technological platform for next-generation mobile services, and the Tele-Radiology Archive System, of a total value of ca. PLN 6.7 million, received financing from the EU means in the amount of ca. PLN 3 million. A number of other projects, such as development of the ATM Interactive TV platform or development of the Atmosfera MEM (Medical Equipment Management), will be financed by the Company from its own means. In result of the increasing significance of the Company’s activities in the R&D area, ATM S.A. decided to establish a separate organizational unit responsible for those activities. The name of the new unit is Centrum Badawczo-Rozwojowe ATM-Lab (ATM-Lab Research & Development Center). It is planned that a separate company will be established to run the Center.

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