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ATM S.A. establishes a Research & Development Centre

On August 13, ATM S.A. established in Warsaw a Research & Development Centre in the form of a limited-liability company Centrum Badawczo-Rozwojowe ATM-Lab Sp. z o.o.

The Centre was established in connection with the increasing number of R&D projects implemented by the Company, including ones co-funded from EU subsidies. Thanks to establishing a separate entity dedicated to conduct R&D works, it will be possible to:

  • introduce a separate accounting system for research projects co-funded from public means and therefore improve reporting and refunding actually incurred costs;
  • take advantage of the possibility to deduct from the tax base the costs of purchasing innovative technologies from the newly established company by other entities belonging to the ATM S.A. Capital Group;
  • transform the new entity (in the future, after satisfying relevant conditions) into a research & development center as defined by the Parliamentary Act on certain forms of supporting innovative activities and therefore take advantage of special tax deductions and an increased subsidizing level;
  • improving the ATM S.A. company image, particularly for the purposes of applying for financial means for funding research works.

The expansion of the company’s R&D base is consistent with the general strategy adopted by the ATM S.A. management, to the extent of creating valuable assets, including those in the form of intellectual property, which may be commercially used in the Capital Group’s structure or which can generate additional revenues and profits from selling or licensing them in the near future.

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