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ATM S.A. incorporates Impulsy - a medical services company - into its capital group

ATM S.A. acquired 72% of the shares of Impulsy Sp. z o.o. registered in Warsaw and operating on the dynamically growing medical services market. This initiative is directly related to the strategy of expanding ATM S.A. capital group offer in order to target new, developing market sectors.

It is estimated that ICT expenses in the National Health Service will increase significantly in the next few years. ATM is planning to become one of the leading companies offering solutions designed for this market. ATM offer already includes a set of communications and systems integration solutions meeting the ever growing demand. By entering ATM capital group, Impulsy will contribute its vast experience in offering ICT products for the medical services market. Impulsy also presents strong business foundations; it is forecasted that the company’s revenues will amount to PLN 3 million and its net profit will reach about PLN 0.5 million in 2007.

The history of Impulsy embraces over ten years of experience on the Polish market of health informatics, including collaboration related to the sale and implementation of a number of solutions, such as IBM, Spin and ABG-Spin. Impulsy provides IT services for tens of hospitals and clinics nation-wide. It specializes in the implementation and maintenance of HIS systems (Hospital Information Systems), focusing especially on dedicated software for medical services and related consulting services. The company is well-known for its reliability and good problem-solving skills. Its extensive experience related to working with the medical services sector makes it recognize with ease the ever growing market needs and ways of their satisfaction.

The acquisition of Impulsy constitutes the next stage of executing ATM’s strategy for the medical services market. ATM strives for constructing a comprehensive offer of IT services for this market. It has already been successful in this area, e.g. with its implementation of a digital radiology archive project conducted in collaboration with ENEL-MED medical centre. The integration of Impulsy into the ATM capital group will be executed by the same means as in the case of Sputnik Software as this approach has proved highly successful and produced very good financial results. Impulsy will remain a separate entity having relatively much freedom of action on the medical services market with additional strong organizational and business support, as well as technical assistance (e.g. outsourcing services for company customers) on the part of ATM. What is more, there is a possibility of providing financial support in order to prompt the achievement of the assumed goals. Thanks to this transaction, ATM will be able to reach customers already serviced by Impulsy in a direct and effective way, offering solutions included in its own product portfolio.

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