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Sputnik Software, ATM S.A. subsidiary, brings us closer to the "modern office"

Sputnik Software has introduced a new, full version of EBOI+ 1.0, the Electronic Customer Service Bureau.

Following the pilot study carried out in July, new enhancements and addional features have been introduced in accordance with all legal requirements regarding electronic delivery boxes and electronic document workflow.

In line with all relevant laws, EBOI makes it possible to use digital signatures in the XaDeS format, connect to any certification centre and verify the authenticity of the signature. It allows for issuing decisions along with electronic signature and confirmation of receipt. Forms and files signing is executed by means of an applet implemented in Java technology supporting all popular web browsers.

Among the EBOI+ 1.0 components there is an administration panel enabling the management of users, administrators, forms, numerations, applications and decisions. The main advantages of the new system are: useful intuitive user interface based on AJAX technology, help with the selection of forms provided by the Application Selection Assistant, possibility of creating templates of messages sent to the inquirer, as well as using countersignature to the digital signature.

EBOI+ 1.0 system has yet one more advantage: collective time stamping for sets of documents collected throughout the day, which does not require payment for time stamping of every document with a digital signature. This feature allows users to control their expenses as far as time stamping services are concerned.

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