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PLN 6.6 million for ATM subsidiary

KLK sp. z o.o., a Katowice-based subsidiary of ATM S.A., won the beauty contest arranged by the Metropolitan Police Headquarters in Warsaw and on November 6, 2007, entered into an agreement for technical infrastructure upgrade of the Ordering Party's site. The agreement gross value stands at PLN 6.6 million.

Under the agreement, KLK shall, among others, expand and upgrade the LAN structural cabling system, the power system (incl. the guaranteed system), and precision air conditioning for server room, UPS premises and the main power switchgear. Signing the agreement means implementation of one of major guaranteed and emergency power supply projects in Poland.

The KLK success pictures the potential of closely working members of the ATM group of companies, endorses the investment decisions made by ATM with regard to acquisitions and provides favorable impact on financial performance in 2007. GK ATM is doing ever better in the public sector. ATM has recently been awarded a contract by the Social Insurance Institution ZUS worth ca. PLN 22 million (the agreement is expected to be signed as part of the contract performance), and the list of joint efforts of ATM and Sputnik Software gets ever longer month by month. Soon, the effects of cooperation with a new group member, i.e. Impulsy sp. z o.o. which is to support the ATM’s presence in the medical services sector are also expected.

KLK sp. z o.o. was founded in 1988. and is one of Poland’s most experienced IT system integrators. The company goal is end-to-end support of customers in IT technology. The company’s operations cover all stages of enterprise/government information system development. The services include:

  • Designing, developing and maintenance of guaranteed power supply systems (uninterrupted),
  • Providing integrated IT solutions in network, server and security infrastructure,
  • Designing, developing and keeping network IT systems operational,
  • Performance of hardware maintenance and repair services.

KLK sp. z o.o., 40-310 Katowice, Pod M≥ynem 1c
phone: +48 32 200 03 00, fax: +48 32 256 62 77
klk@klk.com.pl, www.klk.com.pl

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