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Broadband for ATM and ENEL-MED Medical Centre

ATM S.A. and ENEL-MED S.A. Medical Centre were jointly awarded "2007 Broadband" (Szeroki pas 2007). The distinction was awarded during a gala accompanying the 4th Forum on broadband services, arranged by Computerworld weekly.

The award given in the "broadband service" category for the Teleradiological Archive system launched by ENEL-MED’s Teleradiology Centre, as outsourcing service provided by ATM.

— The idea of cooperation and teleradiological archive was conceived two years ago. Currently, 6 specialist clinics and 6 diagnostics centres use the service, which can transmit a total of 140 imaging diagnostics tests per month — said Zbigniew Gniadek, Director at the Teleradiology Centre at ENEL-MED.

The main objective of the Teleradiology Centre at ENEL-MED is to expand the network of diagnostics laboratories based on the system that transmits images in teletransmission. Health centres more and more often look for outsourcing solutions in order to optimize costs of company operation. Where the Teleradiology system is introduced, significant cost reduction of X-ray, CT or MRI laboratories is immediately seen. The service brings notable benefits not only from the economic perspective but also increases the effectiveness of clinical examination.

Applying new data transmission solutions using a safe line helps send the image digitally to the diagnostics laboratory. ENEL-MED guarantees full availability of radiologists — the examinations are described 24/7, also during holiday and festive seasons. This is very convenient for poviat (local) hospitals where the number of examinations is smaller and the cost of continuity of medical supervision of the radiologist on duty translate into a high cost of an examination/test unit price.

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