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Note: ATM S.A. shares split on January 10!

As per the current report no. 1/2008 dated 01.04.2008, as from January 10, the shares of ATM S.A. listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange shall be split in the 1:8 ratio.

The result will be an increase in the Company's share number from 4.5 to 36 million. At the same time, the share price at session opening on 01.10.2008 shall decrease through dividing the price achieved by the shares of ATM S.A. at session close on 01.09 by 8 and rounding it off to full grosz.

We should only wish shareholders that the new share price after the commotion in share quotes in the second half of 2007 grows in future to the maxima set in 2007 by the "old" share price.

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