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Sound foundations of ATM for 2008

Over the next days, the Management Board of ATM S.A. intend to announce publicly, in a current report, information on preliminary and estimated results for Q4, 2007. However, we can already communicate selected results of our operations, and refer to the document published last year in February concerning strategic lines of development of ATM for 2007.

The Company has met most of its strategic objectives, and in spite of the unfavorable situation in capital markets, and the ATM S.A. share price drop, it is fundamentally doing well. Overall summaries of the past year are favorable for the Company, which as we believe will also be reflected by the forecasted financial data. The figures below refer directly to ATM S.A., and are based on preliminary unit results. The information on the ATM capital group and its development in 2007 shall be provided separately.

With respect to ATM's primary operations, a significant growth in sales of network solutions (by 53%), tripling the sales of solutions for IT security (increase by 234%), a good dynamics of telecommunications service sales (increase by 25%), including especially the collocation and hosting services (increase by approx. 70%) should be noted. The Company views very positively also the growing interest in the Data Protection Center (increase by 27%), which is evidence of confidence that customers have in ATM S.A. entrusting it with care over the most sensitive information resources. Apart from integration and telecommunications solutions, in the past year the Company systematically developed its software offering. First of all, a relatively new product - the Aurora system, which had 15 implementations including 7 for newly gained customers, became a sales hit. The list of its users includes institutions like Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, P4, Netia, Telewizja Polska, Agora, Warsaw Stock Exchange, Bank Ochrony Środowiska, and Polpharma.In the field of strategic alliances with large partners, the Company generated an over two-and-a-half-fold increase in sales of solutions based on Cisco technologies (increase by 171%). It is worthwhile to point out that the cooperation should not be viewed just in terms of the sales level, but also in terms of close technological partnership, thanks to which ATM generates a high added value for its customers.

With respect to developing its own innovative solutions, as announced, ATM successfully introduced solutions for interactive television into its portfolio, and generated initial significant revenues on that account. They are not significant in the scale of total revenues of the Company as yet (less than PLN 3 million), but considering the fact that the market for such solutions is only incipient, it is a major achievement, promising well for the future. In the field of solutions for Internet distribution of multimedia content, the Company generated almost a four-fold increase (by 291%).

Therefore, as can be seen, the preliminary sales analyses validate the statement that the Company is closing the past year well, and stands a good chance to continue the sales growth in strategic directions in 2008.

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