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The first 10 Gbps subscriber line

The ATMAN network extension started in 2007 already results in new contracts. ATM S.A., the operator of the ATMAN network, signed an agreement with the first customer who will use the long-distance 10 Gbps lines.

Such high throughputs allow not only handling the constantly growing Internet traffic, but also make it possible to transfer hundreds of digital television programs.

The first sale of a 10 Gbps line related to the finalization of the investment in the "southern ring" of the ATMAN network, connecting £ódľ, Katowice, Kraków, and Warsaw. The new network is based on fiber optic lines and DWDM devices, enabling transfers up to 160 Gbps with one fiber optic pair, with a possibility to upgrade the system to 400 Gbps.

The investment in the building of the southern ring and the ongoing works to establish the northern ring are a stable business development foundation for the ATMAN network, and provide a possibility to use the telecommunications infrastructure necessary to operate fast growing customer needs.

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