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Q4, 2007 - the best quarter in ATM S.A. history

Estimated financial data published by the Company in the current report no. 05/2008 shows that Q4 of the last year was exceptionally successful as expected by the Management Board.

The unit results of ATM S.A. — over PLN 100 million of sales revenues and over PLN 19.5 million of gross profit on sales are the best ones in the whole history of the Company and stand for over 137% increase in revenue and over 138% increase in profits, respectively, compared to the previous best fourth quarter of 2006. Unfortunately, the seasonality of sales, both at ATM S.A. and the entire group, still remains, as over a half of total annual revenues fell into the fourth quarter.

The fact of working out effective forms of cooperation between the entities in the capital group should be emphasized. The increase in consolidated revenues is not only a result of straightforward summing up of results generated independently by the individual companies, but it is also supported by projects carried out together, and the cross-selling (sales of products of a company by other group entities) being developed intensively.

In the opinion of the Management Board, the 2007 results should be viewed positively, especially considering the fact that the total value of tenders settled is still far from repetitive announcements. Public orders for a number of ICT investments (crucial in case of modern country’s functioning) still fail to materialize, let alone the building of the information society and knowledge-based economy. The possibility of improving that situation in the upcoming year is a big opportunity for ATM S.A. and other dynamic companies having well-established potential and competencies. Also for that reason, the year 2008 should be a very good year for the Company.

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