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Parking payments at mPay system

At the press conference 05.02.2008 mPay (ATM subsidiary) along with Warsaw's City Roads Administration launched a test mobile phones payment service. There is no need to look for parking meter, no need for change, and the fee is based precisely on parking time.

The lack of change is the most common reason for not making the parking payments or paying for a shorter than needed parking time. mPay solves these problems, payments are much easier and more comfortable.

Parking fees are verified with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology applied to the parking card. City Guard equipped, by mPay, with NFC enabled phone verifies the fees by nearing the phone to the parking card on car’s windshield. After the ID is checked, Guard’s phone receives parking fee status. The whole process takes just few seconds. The used technology simplifies and speeds up verification when compared to standard paper ticket.

The service will available in mid-February to Plus, Play, Simplus, MixPlus, Sami Swoi and mBank mobile networks subscribers. Special stickers on parking meters will present availability of the service. Parking cards can be purchased at selected locations.

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