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ATM S.A. Q4 2007 key highlights

Q4, 2007 saw very good financial performance. As expected, the Q4 performance featured a half of ATM's total consolidated revenue. For ATM S.A., a parent undertaking, this was a record quarter: over PLN 100 million revenue (by 138% more than the previous record of Q4 2006).

In the entire 2007, the consolidated revenue exceeded PLN 260 million, which is a 78% increase compared to 2006. The 2007 core operations figure shows a substantial increase compared to 2006 in all categories. The table shows the overall performance for 2006, and the corresponding results excl. sale and lease-back of the fiber optic network part.

The setbacks of 2007 include failure to perform the plan to earn revenue and profit from sale of some portion of the assets produced. The planned gross profit from sales of mPay S.A. shares, which the company estimated at ca.  PLN 20 million (ca. PLN 16 million of net profit), due to the postponement of public offering has not been realized (current report No. 76/2007).

Q4 2007, as expected, brought forth several significant contracts, some of which are mentioned below. The subject matter of public procurement worth PLN 30.7 million gross was the delivery of equipment to Armed Forces Procurement Department of the Ministry of National Defense of the RP.  Also, during Q4 the IP MPLS network for Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa was expanded, worth ca. PLN 14 million (total sales to PTC in 2007 was PLN 22.9 million). The sales of fiber optic lines in five cities for PBT Hawe generated PLN 11 million. ATM S.A. also continues to expand the UPC architecture, which in Q4 generated PLN 3 million (total PLN 17.7 million in 2007), and network backbone for Polkomtel worth PLN 5.4 million (total PLN 7.2 million in 2007).

Excellent performance in 2007 was also noted by other group members. In particular, a significant impact on consolidated results was noted by KLK, which increased its revenue by 42% up to PLN 68 million and net profit by 144% up to PLN 4.3 million.

mPay S.A. continues to expand, as does the mobile payment system it offers, which gains ever new users (ca. 10 thousand at the end of 2007) and is implemented in successive POS such as McDonald’s, Sodexho, Telepizza, Pizza Dominium, payment aggregates such as AllPay, DotPay, PayMarker, Internet services such as Cineman.pl, and also parking payments in Warsaw. At the end of 2007, the system served approx. 800 sales outlets/POS and 6000 Internet websites. The 2007 setbacks include failure to sign agreements with other mobile networks. Efforts to create a universal mobile payment system in Poland based on mPay solutions continue.

Owing to capital gained in the past year in the second public offering (over PLN 150 million), the Company continued its investments. In 2007, ATM S.A. significantly expanded its fiber optic infrastructure. The total length of fiber optic routes, which as at the end of 2006 was 279 kilometers, was in 2007 increased by 54% with 151 kilometers of extra routes. The length of fiber optic cable pairs in these routes increased then by as much as 76 %. This is a base for growth of ATM S.A. ICT revenue in 2008.

More companies have joined the ATM Group. A transaction with a Dutch Linx Telecommunication and Polish companies, Sputnik Software and Impulsy, was finalized. The Company created Centrum Badawczo Rozwojowe ATM-Lab (ATM-Lab Research & Development Center), which will continue R&D work so far performed at ATM S.A.

The ATM yet another success is the permit to expand the £ódľ Special Economic Zone with the Warszawa Grochowska subzone complex, where ATM S.A. runs its operations (current report No. 69/2007). The permit was granted on the initiative of ATM to create conditions favorable for an Innovation Center based in Warsaw, which would gather companies that deal in modern ICT technologies in one place in Warsaw.

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