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Q1 2008 results

Sales revenue for Q1 2008 grew year on year both for ATM S.A. company (26 percent growth) and the entire group (13 percent growth). Gross income on sales grew even more impressively by 48 percent and 60 percent, respectively.

Costs of operations have increased significantly as well, however, which resulted in only small  improvement in the net profit for the Group’s shareholders (PLN 255,000 loss in 2008, compared to PLN 1,927,000 loss in the same period of the previous year).  ATM’s Management Board’s evaluation of the results remains positive, considering the seasonality of sales in the Polish IT industry. The Board believes that the ATM Group is developing on schedule.

The Company has reported particularly high growth in the sales of fixed communications services for business customers.  The growth (compared to the previous quarter) is the highest in ATM’s history and results from significant investment in expanding communications infrastructure which were made in the last year and have been continued this year. The Board expects this segment of operations to show further fast growth. Aster Sp. z o.o. has joined the ATMAN’s customer base, which demonstrates that ATM is able to offer communications services to the most demanding customers. ATM’s communications services received the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certificate for Information Security Management System, which also helped increase sales.

Among value-added services related to communications, collocation services continue to show high revenue growth.  In the last quarter, eCard and Empik Sp. z o.o. joined ATM’s customer base. This development results from investment in expanding the necessary data center infrastructure. The investment will continue, including but not limited to ATM’s Innovation Center project.

Another area that shows fast growth is the implementation of a proprietary IT system under Atmosfera brand. In the previous quarter, ATM completed the implementation of its Atmosfera Service Desk system at three large financial organizations. The sales of the new product in the Atmosfera Family, Atmosfera TenStep (Enterprise Project Management), also looks promising. Atmosfera seems more and more to become the preferred software to buy, especially among organizations from the financial sector.

Other companies in the group are also developing well, although some of them are not growing as quickly as the ATM Management Board would like. However, almost all companies within the ATM Group reported positive profits in the first quarter.

Because of its innovative character and potential, mPay S.A. holds a special position within the Group. The company implements a proprietary mobile payment system in Poland that makes use of mobile phones. Last quarter, the company signed a collaboration agreement with the operator of the Play mobile network. One promising project involves launching the mPay service to enable people to pay parking fees in Warsaw using their mobile phones. The system becomes more and more popular. mPay’s activities have been noticed by experts. As a result, the company has won the “Golden Antenna” awarded by “Świat Telekomunikacji” (Telecommunications World) as the “most promising company of the year”. At the 3GSMA International Congress in Barcelona, mPay has been nominated for GSMA 2008 Mobile Innovation Global Awards.

mPay S.A. is preparing to offer its shares at the NewConnect exchange to intensify its marketing activities and accelerate the adoption of the mPay system in Poland. The IPO is expected to be organized in this quarter.

For another year in a row, ATM has won the “Solution Innovation Partner of the Year 2008” award granted by Cisco Systems. On this basis, the collaboration between ATM and Cisco is extending. The companies cooperate in the area of sale and implementation of innovative solutions based on hardware and software from Cisco.

ATM places much emphasis on developing the system for providing multimedia signal over IP networks, called ATM Interactive TV. The system has already been implemented at four carriers. It has also been selected as the platform for transmitting 2008 European Soccer Championship games over the Internet. ATM Interactive TV has won the Golden Antenna award held by Świat Telekomunikacji in the “Fixed line business solutions” category. ATM’s Management Board sees the Interactive TV system as one of the Company’s products that have the best development potential.

ATM also continues to build the ATM Innovation Center within a Special Economic Zone. The company is going to enter into negotiations with the organizations that manage the Zone. A concept has been developed for external funding of the project, with concurrent benefits resulting from the operations of ATM Group companies within the Zone, as well as other companies invited to do business within the Zone. Design works are currently commencing to develop the architecture concept for the ATM Innovation Center.

Because of the successful development of ATM and its Group, the Management Board decided to recommend to the General Meeting of Shareholders to maintain the existing dividend policy. This policy involves annual payment of dividend in the amount not lower than the EURIBOR rate for annual deposits, increased by 0.5 percent, in relation to the average share price in December of the preceding year. According to this policy, the dividend for 2007 would amount to 19,440,000 PLN, i.e. 0.54 PLN per share. The Board will recommend the General Meeting of Shareholders to approve this dividend amount. The dividend will be paid from the Company’s 2007 profit and partially from the reserve capital created using profits from previous years.

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